One Fifty Capital is an established private equity firm which targets small to medium enterprises which are in the early to mid-market stage of growth. Our commendable track record and highly skilled team make us an ideal choice as a private equity partner.


One Fifty Capital invests in small to medium enterprises that are innovative, which have great growth potential and have profit making ability. We seek to partner with dynamic entrepreneurs or existing organizations who wish to expand their current enterprise... Read more


One Fifty Capital is an independent private equity firm which has offices located in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and Nicosia, Cyprus. The Company’s initial investments were made in 1998 and restructured in 2013 under the One Fifty Capital umbrella and provides capital to small to medium enterprises... Read more


The Group has a track record of successfully managing their investments and assets. The Group has found success in various market sectors and manages a joint portfolio in excess of 1 billion Rand in annual revenue and 1.6 billion Rand in net assets... Read more



Media Release | Exciting Nu Beginnings for Nu Metro Cinemas
DURBAN, 6 January 2014

Nu Metro Cinemas, the second largest cinema operator in Southern Africa has been sold by Times Media Group (TMG) to Subcocept (Pty) Ltd, a purpose-built company funded by private equity company, One Fifty Capital. One Fifty Capital will take ownership of the cinema group as well as its associated cinema advertising business, Popcorn Cinema Advertising Sales. Read more