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Cyberstrobe Marketing

Cyberstrobe Marketing has taken its wealth of knowledge and many years of industry experience to create the perfect blend of hard-working, knowledgeable and dedicated people who are highly driven and goal-orientated, which is the perfect blend for any full service marketing agency.

Over the years Cyberstrobe has worked with a vast array of international clients in a variety of industries, eg.-entertainment, e-commerce, and finance to name a few, and provides services including:

- Customer Relationship Management
- Online Customer Support
- Customer Acquisition
- Full-service Online Marketing Implementation
- Online Business Strategy and Execution
- Design
- Communication

Cyberstrobe understands that all businesses are at different stages of their development and their team has the knowledge and experience required to formulate a marketing strategy which best suits the needs of your company.

Investment Sector: Media

Portfolio Value: R64 million Rand

Ownership: 30%
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