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Nu Metro Cinemas

Nu Metro Cinemas is a progressive cinema business with a true focus on delivering a premium entertainment experience. This commitment to the constant evolution of the cinema is demonstrated by the company's countrywide upgrade of all 183 cinema screens to a 100% digital platform. Through this upgrade, cinema-goers will now enjoy a world-class audio visual experience.

Another development is the introduction of "Scene VIP" luxurious cinemas situated at selected sites across the country. Scene cinemas have been completely refurbished with luxurious, fully reclining leather seats. In addition, Scene VIP cinemas each boast an exclusive lounge and bar where one can relax and enjoy a range of either alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks and light meals while enjoying the latest blockbusters in ultimate comfort.

Nu Metro also launched Scene Xtreme at selected sites across South Africa. Featuring a massive super-bright white screen (the first in Africa), Dolby Atmos 4K sound, state of the art digital projectors as well as reclining leather seats, the Xtreme concept is set for further expansion into the rest of the country.

Arguably the most innovative cinema format that Nu Metro has exclusively introduced at 6 cinemas sites in South Africa is 4DX. 4DX cinemas are multi-sensory and include a range of special features to allow the cinema-goer to be "in the movie". These sensory enhancements include moving seats, lighting effects to simulate lightning, various scents, water sprays and wind-inducing fans throughout each cinema. 4DX is exclusive to Nu Metro Cinemas in Africa.

Investment Sector: Entertainment

Ownership: 100%

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